a 32-year-old chica from southern US, United States

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My NaNoWriMo2010 story was Deciding to Jump, which was featured on this site on November 4th, 2010!


My given name means Innocent Lamb. I live by this, clinging to the fact there is innate good in me and that I am above what I call petty "sins".

I lost my religion during the first semester of college; the ultimate result of an athiest humanities teacher who showed me for the first time that there are more variations to the truth than the "absolute" one that I was seeped in as a child.

I crave the ability to be perfect but I am actually innately lazy. My inabilities and impatience during tasks as wife and mother constantly drag at the corners of this perfect picture that I strive for. I do not know why I aim so high and fail to meet at every stride but at least it makes for some intense, angsty writing for my personal portfolio!

I pretend to dislike dirty jokes or careless comments or raunchy movies. But honestly they are funny and I am just embarrased that I am not truly a lady. It is shaming to me to receive a compliment that I dont really deserve. I have, in fact, major issues with being told one thing about myself and feeling another.

This is me. I am as lost as you.

My writing, reading, and viewing styles are as varied as the unpredictable weather of my hometown.

Jane Eyre
Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart
Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
Twilight Series
(anything) by Iris Johansen
Atlas Shrugged
Poisonwood Bible
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Once Upon a Time
CSI: Las Vegas
Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Warehouse 13
Family Guy

Aladdin (Disney)
The Fifth Element
The Mummy (Rachel Weiss)
Scorpion King
Scott Pilgrim
You've Got Mail
Sound of Music
Fantasia (the original) 

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