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I have just joined up here, so don't quite know my way around the site yet. I might post some writing in a short while... :D

I'm 16 and currently studying A-levels in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. (Yes, I'm a bit of a science geek but there's nothing wrong with that :D) My favourite genre to write at the moment is probably science-fiction/ dystopia. I have written paranormal (without romance) about magic etc, but I haven't really written any of that recently. I'd love to write crime fiction, but at the moment I'm struggling for ideas. :D

My favourite TV show is, and always will be Doctor Who! I've seen a lot of the Classic series and all of the series since 2005. My Doctor is Matt Smith, but my favourite Doctor is Colin Baker. Yay! Patchwork jacket and bowties for the win! Oh dear, I just had an odd image of Colin Baker in a bowtie or Matt Smith in a patchwork jacket... Strange...

My sister is on Protag under the name: NewMagicWeaver 

Friends also on Protag are:

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