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"The world stands on absurdities. - Fyodor Dostoyevsky"

Hey guys, my name is Whisperer and I've been on and (mostly) off for a long time now. I love to write, yet I still struggle quite a lot in writing quickly and in correct English. I also have this notorious habit of not finishing my works *sigh*... Nevertheless, I want to keep expanding my limits, and I feel this is, as it always has been, the right place for me to keep pushing.

Time is a slippery thing, but I hope I will be able to write something from beginning to end soon enough! I also look forward to participate in more collab works!

A few of my works include:

- Centum Cellas  (finished)

- A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days (finished)

- The Neonate

- The Journey of Qervalen

- Pensamentos Irrelevantes (Irrelevant Thoughts)

- Star Wars: The Storming of the Enclave (collab)

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