a 20-year-old dude from The wizard realm, United Kingdom

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"In order for one to understand life, one must understand death! for one to understand death, one must understand life! so as a proven theory, it is impossiable...."

I'm the sort of guy who likes to read fantasy literature, and books that are funny, people like terry prachet are the best as they combine both.

i do prefer to write this way as well, as it is cool, i think that anyway, i like things that are stupid, random and funny but still have a point.

unfortunaly my work shines through my life, so my stupidity in writing is also my life which means its going to be fun, "are we having fun yet"

i like to listen to bands like metillica, perfect circle, slipknot, soil, nickle back, stone temple pilots black sabbath, and what ever else i wish. 

cause i'm a wizard

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