a 29-year-old lady from Hyderabad, India

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"Writing is a bit like %*&*ting...if it's coming in dribs and drabs or not coming at all, or being forced out, or if you're missing the rhythm, it's no pleasure at all. - Germaine Greer"

Note from the author :

With reality clashing with fantasy, it gets really tough to balance both. I am currently embroiled in the same dilemma and would like to state that this profile that you are about to spend your valuable time on is currently stagnant. 

With a lot of new stuff flying around my ears these days, I find myself unable to devote as much time as I'd like to my favored passion. So, I just want you to know that I may be MIA but I'm definitely looking for a tiny crevice of time so I can crawl back into Protagonize!

In the meantime, here's something for you to munch and nibble on in my absence! Have fun!

Namrata Sehgal


Aspiring writer

Legal Associate

Total homebody

Grammar Nazi & Spell Police

Self-proclaimed bookworm

Recent High-Heels Aficionado

Loves romance and pretends to love horror

Too witty for her own good.....hahahaha!!!

Loves correcting mistakes made by others

Hates getting corrected

Getting better since joining Protagonize

They are really critical here...hahahaha!!!

Loves Protagonize

Loves getting rated and better be good

Rambles on forever

Will not list her works here

There is a column on the side....use it lazy-asses!!!

Loves tennis and supports Nadal like CRAZYYYY

Total TV addict..may OD pretty soon

Loves making friends....but can be snippy too


Now come on....I'm just kidding....

Come closer....I promise I won't bite....

*Glinting Teeth* *Bared Fangs* *Evil Grin*

Naah....I swear....

Pinky swear? *Murderous gleam in eyes*

Come on....Try it!!!


P.S. I just started blogging. Let me rephrase that. I just started blogging again. Inspired by a new topic in one of my groups on Protag, I thought of giving the whole blogging thingy another try. So do check out what I have been scribbling about. I added the link below under web site!! Let me know what you guys think!!





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