a bloke from Heidelberg, Germany

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"If you don't believe in magic, nothing magical will ever happen to you" - Rick Castle. "Every genuine piece of art has as much reason for being as the Earth and Sun" -I forgot XXDD

Yes, I use to have an account on this site.

Yes, I deleted it.

And yes, I got a new one XD


Eh, I wanted to start over. Get a fresh begining.

Actually, to be honest, I was becoming obsessed with protagonize. First it was that I'd be on here non stop, like facebook, then I was paranoid that people would steal my ideas.

But now I'm back! But this time, this is only so I can share my work and possibly have some fun doing collabs. XD

Anyway, it was nice meeting you! I know you actually haven't said hi to me, but if you show you'd waste a couple seconds on me reading this, you are a nice person :P Maybe not, but I always like to see the best in people.



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