a female from Grimsby, United Kingdom

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"All writers are, to one extent or another, damaged people. Writing is our way of repairing ourselves."

I've named myself 'WeAllFallDown' simply because it's a tattoo that I have on my right arm, and it's something that I believe in.

I'm a eighteen year old female from a town that used to be known as Great Grimsby, but now it's just 'Grimsby'. There really isn't alot to do here, and people thrive everyday to become something more than a normal person, and not be someone who's not going anywhere in life. It's difficult to get noticed when you live in a town like ours.

I've been writing since I was eleven, having been inspired by books, games, and films. I always had an odd imagination growing up and I wanted to use it for something that one day might not be so useless. I find that taking incidents from mine or my friends lives and exaggerating them in different ways helps me to write a story.

I used to write poetry to help me vent my feelings, but that time of my life is over now, and over the past three years I've gone through some personal changes that I hope have changed me for the better.

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