a 27-year-old chiquita from the United States

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Hello there! [waves shyly]

I am yet another immigrant from ficlets, come to find another place to write and collaborate with other writers. I am not the greatest writer ever, and often find myself a bit envious of other's talent, but that's why I'm here: to develop such talent and learn how to express myself the way I want to.

I'm currently in my second semester of college, and am quite liking it, despite the fact that I still have no clue as to what the heck I want to do with myself. (Archeaology, photography, psychology...whatever-ology).

I enjoy brownies, ecclectic music/movies/art/anything, doing the newspapaper sudoku puzzles, and dancing passionately around my kitchen. I bite my nails too much, and I tend to get anxious when driving around other cars...which is pretty much all the time.

"I love sleep."

"I know. The average person sleeps roughly one-third of their life away, but I think you sleep more."

"Well then, that's the better third of my life, isn't it?"

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