a ragamuffin from the Midwest, United States

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"When I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my gray suit, my Brooks Brothers shirt, my silk tie, and my soft leather Italian shoes, I realized that I was not such a person. I felt like a tourist, dreamily walking through a life that was not meant to be mine. Some people are attracted to power. I'd rather be plucking at a ukulele on a faraway beach. I was not a soft-leather-Italian-shoe kind of man. I was a flip-flop man. And as a flip-flop man I knew what needed to be done." - J.M. Troost

Reared among the weeds and waterways of a small southeastern Michigan town, W.D. Holmes weaves words in myriad form. Published internationally, W.D. has shared poetry, prose, and opine with the world at large since early daemonhood. At current, Holmes prefers to work in the medium of graphic novels, screen plays, or song lyrics - even better yet, a raucous ménage à trois of these forms resulting in an unabashed mishmash of imagination. Collaboration is highly desirable, so please feel free [read: encouraged] to contact the author with any brilliant, or not-quite-but-oh-so-nearly brilliant, ideas and proposals.

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