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"He's just this guy, y'know?"

Being the reincarnated soul of Mark Twain ("Sam" to my friends, which you ain't!) is a rough life.  You toil along with your 21st century worries and bothers, all the while hankering to slip into a white suit, a string tie, and a comfortable rocking chair.  Witty retorts spring to your lips unbidden, getting you in trouble with your wife and boss.  Pretty soon you are sulkily staring out at the ole Miss, while working a tourist boat and spending all day talking about your former self.

When I'm not a terrible facsimile of Mark Twain, I'm a mild mannered software developer, running his own one man show.   This means that I'm wildly successful, if you consider sitting in front of two glowing squares all day while the rest of the world goes on around you as success.  Otherwise, I enjoy taking breaks to write, whether off-line, or here at Protagonize, and enjoy reading when I can.

I was a huge fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid, with my favorite being #21 - Hyperspace.  I loved the idea of writing in the 2nd person - something not everyone can pick up.  I credit the voices in my head for that skill.

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