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"Whatever you can do or dream you can... Begin it!"


Von Mozar's purpose in life is to create and publish literature which encourages those individuals who may believe books are boring and require a lot of effort and time to read.

With hard street promotion and thousands of sales of his first two books; Ignorance Kills and Sexfiend, Von Mozar has began to eradicate those false beliefs.

This is a book revolution... just like what Blues, Jazz, RnB, Rock and Roll, Reggae and Hip-Hop did for the music industry, Von Mozar's books are doing for the book industry.

Just think if those genres of music were not created how many of us would really be listening to music?

Readers become leaders! Bill Gates... the riches man in the world for 12 years... reads two books a day!


Discover how easy and simple reading can be by clicking the website link below:


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