a woman from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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I'm Sophie, a first year student at Cardiff University. I've signed up to this site once before but unfortunately i became a little distracted and forgot about it to a certain extent. I logged in earlier today and decided a wanted a fresh start and a new account.

I'm currently studing politics and international relations. I find it amusing when i tell people this, they either lose interest in what i'm saying or, in extreme cases, back away. I think its interesting how people think what you do, be it studies or work, in some way defines what sort of person you are. I try not to catogorise people if i can help it.

In all honesty before university i had no clue what i wanted from the course. There are lots of very career-driven students here and, whilst i admire them, i cant really conceptualise going through a process thinking " i have succeeded if i earn X amount of money per year". I see university more as an enriching experience, perhaps almost in a similar way to how some people view travel.

Basically i would love, like a lot of other people, to become a freelance writer. Right now i'm sort of gravitating more towards non-fiction or travel/culture writing. Sometimes i think i would like to give fiction a try but sadly, i'm pretty sure i lost my imagination when i was much younger. I would love any feedback, positive or negative, as i know i have so much to learn. I'll try and upload material as frequently as i can- so thanks for taking the time to read this :)

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