a 20-year-old chiquita from dancing near the Boot Hills, United States

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Hello, gumdrops.

'Tis I, Vix.

Or something like that.

Yeah, my name's Vix--as far as you will know.

And what's this? *glances around* Oh, right. My profile. Welcome to it, I guess. Look--but don't touch, or else my ravenous two-headed cat named Flufa-Lloyd will come out and eat you like a small, mentally disabled bird dawdling on the sidewalk.

Yeah. That's right. I went there.

Well, there are a few things you can touch--like the fan button, or my books. I mean, don't touch the words on the books, but maybe the comment section or the votes. I'd appreciate it. Unless, you know, you have nothing nice to say--then you can go screw yourself with a cactus branch.

Haha...I'm kidding.

Kind of.


My About Me--right. Well...I write, I read, I play games, I listen to music, I play music, I think that's about it--for now. If you want to know more, why not just talk to me? I'd rather people talk directly to me than they read my About Me and go "Oh. So that's who she is. Huh. Cool...*walks away*" There's no fun in that, broskies. None at all.

*Wiggles fingers suggestively* Too-da-loo. >:)

*Other ways to contact me:
- Skype: VixxieKay
- Kik Messenger: Lola Wants (whatlolagets)--[username an inside joke.]
- Tumblr: LeTeenageLiterate
- Twitter: LeTeenLiterate
- Facebook: Koala Bear
- Wattpad: VixxieKay

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