a 21-year-old girl from Texas, United States

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"I use to be one with a halo. But that disappeared when I had my first taste, and fell from grace. That left me in this place." - Halestorm

Well, with new year comes new change. I realize I have signed up on here, but don't necessarily come on here when I need to. So now, I will definitely be coming on here more often and uploading more chapters and other smaller stories that I just want to see what yall say ^^.

And here are the stories:

Animal Lust (there are plently more chapters coming)

Animal Instinct (gonna start to upload)

and something else- The Witches Next Door: a story containing my own religion, Wicca, and two characters me and another witch have come up with. The story is entirely made from Wicca and our imagination.

Can't wait!!!


As you can read, I live in the vast abyss known as Texas in a small town you couldn't see with a magnifying glass. But I love my Texas, I spend my time typing, trying to find a job (aren't we all) and spending my time with the most amazing man in the whole world.

I get my inspiration from the music in my huge library of iTunes and from the earth around me. Like, now- I'm listening to Trapt and I'm imagining something I could possibly write. Heehee, but anyway I am 16, and enjoying reading as well as writing and dancing, my personal hobby.

Looking forward to getting know yall and see what yall think of my stories!

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