a chiquita from Texas, United States

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"Dance to the beat of your angels wings"

Oh Hello! well my nickname on here is Vivian Marie, I’m a junior
in high school, and I write for fun.Oh and I absolutly LOVE Cookie Monster (My Friends even call me Cookie)!! Some things in my stories are based on
things in my life and others are completely fiction. I am a dancer, and that
will most likely come up in my writings because I take pride in it. I love my
friends and family more than anything in the world and would do anything for
them. I would love feedback on my stories and also I’m a great person to talk to
if you need advice or just someone to listen you can e-mail me at! I want all of you to know that you ARE beautiful and don't let what people say get to you... there just a bunch of airheads. <3

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