a girl from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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"Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do." Oscar Wilde.

I would love to publish a novel before I'm 50 and be endorsed by Oprah.  I have vision-boarded the meeting. 

I'm a TV journalist who fell into writing, because it's the only thing I really enjoyed doing in the news world.  I've never been let go from any job except for one: CTV in Vancouver due to "creative differences."  Now, I'm lucky to say that with hard work, lots of creative spirit and determination, I am making a living as a freelance writer. I'm traveling across Canada this summer for 7 weeks, blogging about the country.  And I'm getting paid to do it!  WOOT.

I love chocolate, running, laughing and living life with ferver.  I wish my metabolism was really high.  I live by the ocean and a park. Homeless people sleep underneath my window, so I often feed them.  And the crows.

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