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"Live fast. Play hard."

Heya there!

I'm Chris, and I'm pleased to meet you! I suppose you're here to learn a little bit about me? Well, I'm living a busy highschool life, and loving it. I'm a football trainer, and love hanging out with them guys on the team, and of course all my other friends. Crazy summer days are just ahead of us now!

I love things that go fast -- cars and fighter jets do nicely. My school has a racecar and I'm on the race team. We actually kind of suck. But the math part is fun, and so is hanging with all the guys on the team. I'll let you know if we actually accomplish something one day! The adrenaline rush is amazing. So fast cars, fighters, amusement parks, pain (no, I'm not "emo", just high pain tolerance), and anything esle with a rush.

I take singing lessons and music is a passion. So is running. And thinking -- which go hand in hand for me. I also draw on occasion, when the mood strikes me.

A big part of my life is the thinking, as I said before. I fancy myself a bit of a philosopher, and much of my writing comes from that. Some deep concepts just kind of arise when I'm thinking and running, and I love that feeling. Every time it happens, it feels like I've unraveled a little bit more of why I'm supposed to be here and what I'm supposed to do. It also makes my life less stressed; I know how to deal with almost anything that comes my way. All in all, life is worth living when I think.

Obviously writing is a big part of my life. When I'm not able to run, writing is my release from the anxiety of everyday life. I write poetry and other random stuff =P  Unfortunately, I've never finished a longer-length piece. I try; really I do! Anyways I would really love any crit and suggestions you have to offer, and just send me a message; I'd love to crit your work too!

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