a 23-year-old chiquita from Narnia

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"you're tearing me apart Lisa"

1. I cultivated my addiction in secrecy, when I mentioned Anime stuffs at my age, male or female, I only received rolled eyes or blank stares.

2. I get into heated arguments with my friends about how it is okay to have a crush on cartoon characters.

3. I speak in Hnns. Good for oral tests in English. In fact, I just communicate in nods.

4. My goal is to get through the day alive.

5. I insisted that Im a princess of an old country. I do that so often, people start to believe it.

6. I tried for hours to turn CHIBI.(Small Deformed). And fail. Miserably. I give up looking like a CHIBI and just act like one instead.

7. When I put my eye glasses, I have this strange urge to kill someone.

8. I have threatened to kill my friends in numerous occasions. They are not in the least bit alarmed.

9. I dream about my favorite characters in Anime. And most of those dreams are not the ones I would want anyone to know about.

10. I insist having 2 personalities. I actually do ha

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