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"...I fear what I'm becoming."

◖ Mohinder Suresh ● NBC's Heroes RP ● Multi-verse/ship ◗

Name: Mohinder Suresh (Vampire version)
Canon: Heroes
Canon Point: Post-canon AU
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Dripping with it Het
Place of Birth/Hometown: Chennai, India (Formerly named Madras, India)
Accent: Although he’s from India, they changed his accent to a British one on the show because of where he went to college. I don’t write it out phonetically, but I try to capture it in his speech pattern instead.
Pre-vampire History: (link will go here)
Vampire Backstory: (link will go here)

◖ - Personality - 

Every day is a struggle to balance his own personality and morals with his new vampiric urges and still be able to look himself in the mirror. Yes, he has a reflection. Underneath it all, he’s still the same trustworthy guy though. Only now, he’s not shy and timid like before (although he may blush if unexpectedly put on the spot). In spite of that, he’s still not the best at starting conversations and being social. It doesn’t take as much for him to become dominant and aggressive, with the snark meter going off the chart. Even so, he’s not savage like a beast unless he’s physically fighting. Any other times, even with a trail of blood running down his chin, he manages to stay classy and polite with a hint of mischief. 

When it comes to needing a meal, he can usually flirt with a female until she allows him to drink from her, without having to use glamour. He doesn’t especially like to do this, but blood is a necessity and he has learned to accept this fact. His donor, whether willing or glamoured into it, will never feel pain though - quite the opposite. His curiosity still sometimes gets the best of him, even more so now that he has regeneration and the risks aren’t as high as when he was mortal. Lastly, most of his memories of the past are locked away but can be retrieved in time or with emotional events to jog his memory. 

◖ - Traits - 
Here are all the usual common traits of vampires and how they relate to Mohinder. He is not undead.

When his fangs aren’t out, the only possibly noticeable difference between him and a human is how his body is slightly cooler to the touch. Since he’s a biological vampire, supernatural creatures will not be able to sense what he is. Although those with a keen sense of smell may be able to pick up a light scent of blood if they get close enough.

  • Skin Color: Same as before.
  • Body Temp: Cooler than a human.
  • Heartbeat/Pulse: Slower than a human’s.
  • Fangs: Retractable
  • Breath: Yes
  • Reflection: Yes
  • Shadow: Yes

Although Mohinder has typical vampire powers, his strength and agility are well above average for a vampire, seeing as his pre-vampire abilities were enhanced strength and agility. Also, powers that deal with the mind such as telepathy, persuasion, and illusions will not work on him.

  • Immortal: Yes
  • Enhanced Strength: Yes
  • Enhanced Senses: Yes
  • Enhanced Speed: Yes
  • Enhanced Healing: Yes – Regeneration. His blood can heal other specials but is too potent for regular humans, causing them harm, possibly death. Also, his saliva acts as a powerful disinfectant.
  • Flight: No
  • Shapeshifting: Yes. Cat - British Chocolate (See below)
  • Mind Powers: Glamour. This power is especially useful while feeding to turn any pain into pleasure. He does not have to make eye contact or, in the case of feeding, even speak to make it work. Although for direct orders, he does need to verbally tell his victim what he wants them to do. But to make his captive feel a certain sensation, he does not need to utter any words.
  • Telekinesis: No
  • Pyrokinesis: No

Without going out into the sunlight, he can last about five days without feeding before he passes out. After around three days, he begins to weaken and, depending on what the plot calls for, may even slowly go into a bloodlust state of mind.

  • Stake through heart/brain: Immobilizes
  • Sunlight: Weakens him as time passes. He will eventually fall asleep. He does not sparkle.
  • Decapitation: Immobilizes until his head is reattached.
  • Drowning: Weakens
  • Fire: Weakens and hurts like hell
  • Silver: No effect
  • Garlic: No effect
  • Holy Symbols: No effect
  • Running Water: No effect
  • Needs an Invite: No
  • Decapitation then burned to ash: Game over, man. Game over.

Feeding and Reproduction

  • Diet: The blood of specials or normal humans and food. Regular food does help with rejuvenation but only a tiny fraction compared to blood. It’s mostly eaten for the taste; his enhanced senses making it even more flavorful than when he was human.
  • Fertile: No, although sex is still possible.
  • Reproduce Via…
  • Bite: No
  • Transfusion: No, this would heal other specials and harm normal humans.
  • Consumption of Vampire Blood After Bite: Yes, victim must be drained to the point of death during the bite though.

His Timeline’s Setting

  • Progenitor: Suspicious fallen meteorites
  • Source: Alien organisms found inside the meteorites. Origin unknown at this time.
  • Nonhuman Creatures: Besides his kind (sentient vampires) and the specials, there are also zombified vampires that pop up from time to time when regular humans get infected by the substance inside the meteorites.
  • Rest in Coffins: No
  • Vampire Society or Organizations: No
  • Known to Human Society:The government knows but now looks the other way because vampires and specials are the only ones that can extinguish the outbreaks of zombified vampires when they occur. But most humans refuse to believe vampires are more than legend.


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