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"I said it before. Demons I get. Humans are crazy."

Hi, I'm a 21 year old girl who likes writing. I enjoy writing with a partner, despite being really shy, because I tend to get stuck a bit (especially in the beginning of a story). I have a bit of trouble writing descriptions of appearances and places. I am a creative person and I can come up with many interesting stories but I have not been able to write them on my own and I'm hoping that I can fix that with having someone to write with. I write fictional stories and many genres (except for adult content. There are many things I will write, despite being bad at writing them- such as mysteries and action.) I get mostly inspired from anime, games, and even dreams. I write fanfiction, though I am starting to get a bit stuck on my most current stories.

Reasons I like having a writing partner: I can collaborate ideas, when I get stuck I can have someone to continue it, I can give and receive tips and help (mostly receive because I am no master at writing.) and finally I can learn new things from others by communication based off similar interests.

I prefer to use Google Docs to type up stories before posting, especially when collaborating.

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