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Hello viewer!

I do not know the reason why you are feeling so inclined to read my profile, but by doing so you honour me!  I that after reading this short splash about myself you might come to know me a touch better.  So, about me.

I'm an occasional writer, and by occasional I mean rarely ever do I sit down and write something.  But the reason for that is only that I don't consider myself particularly gifted at writing, and it does call to me as it does to others.  But hopefully this summer I will write a bit more, because I don't have much else to do in my evenings and weekends when I'm not working to save money for University in the fall.

As a physics major, writing is not exactly in my field of expertise or even familiarity, but I think it is good for everyone to at least dabble in other interests in order to grow as a person.  And besides, writing plays a more important role in physics then physics plays in writing.  So therefor I feel it is my duty to at least try to write a few stories and have some fun with a part of myself that I would otherwise rarely dabble.

Besides going to study physics at a Christian liberal arts University in the fall, I like to sing in choirs, play my guitar, and spend time with friends and family.  Unfortunately I just moved houses away from my friends, so I am stuck to emailing and 'facebooking' with them now.  So with nothing much else to do in the spare time of my life, I hope to do a bit of writing.

Thanks for reading my profile, and if you feel so inclined feel free to comment, critique, or read or continue any of my stories.  Check out the link below for my most recent one!

Thanks for chilling with me for a few minutes, and the best of luck with your writing!


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