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"This too, shall pass."

I've never been too good at talking about myself, so I suppose I'll just jump right into it. I started writing creatively when I was nine years old and it's quite possibly the one hobby that's stuck with me through the years. I tend to have a rather archaic writing style, and as for genres that I enjoy writing...I've really only done free verse poetry and anything that remotely resembles horror. I would like to start writing more fantasy/scifi/steampunk pieces though, so if you feel like doing a collab on those, hit me up! I think that's all there is for my writing. As for myself...well I obviously love stories. Any type will do-Movies, books, anime, spoken word, etc. I'm a big fan of the paranormal, preternatural, basically anything with a hint of the otherworldly. I'm also a really big otaku as you may be able to tell from my profile picture, but it's mostly just nostalgia. Feel free to look over what I've got posted and any feedback at all is appreciated!

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