a 19-year-old girl from Philippines

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"If reality is nothing more than what is in our mind, then what is the difference between this world and a dream?"

      Reading is my hobby while drawing is my real talent. (Writing's a passion.) I'm planning to pursue a career in drawing, maybe as an animator or a story board artist, whichever, as long as I get to draw. Though, I would choose what pays more.  

       I'm usually patient and prefer listening than talking. But it ultimately depends on my mood. Artists tend to be moody and since I am one, my emotions are a roller coaster. I can't even understand myself sometimes. So try to adjust to my various personalities while you're my friend! Hey, everyone got a fair warning, okay? Okay.

     Favorite things: Anything silvery-yellow, shiny and cute. Puppy dog eyes. Day dreams. Smell of rain or dew. Secrets. Bitter sweet candies. Magic! Chocolates, lots and lots. Hugs. Genuine laughter. Getting lost and being found. Deserts.

      I love reading relatable quotes and adore love stories whose lovers are childhood friends. I hate it when an animal dies in movies.  I love the Disney movie UP; it touched my heart. Someday, I'll be working in Pixar Studios.

      And I have no idea how to swim.

      That's me!

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