a 22-year-old funky monkey from under your fridge, Australia

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"Don't follow your dreams; lead them" ~ Lil Crazed

Hey tharrrr. I'm UponAtlas, you can call me Atlas. Or julie. Whatever floats your boat.

I'm pretty much open to all tags, prompts, anything! So if you'd like me to write in something, read something, critique something... I'm all ears! It may take a little while but I promise I'll try to do my best.

You can find me on my blog on Wordpress: uponatlas.wordpress.com. Various links to other places you can find me at are posted on my blog. And of course, if you want to contact me, email me at: uponatlas@gmail.com

  • Anyone who somehow ends up at my profile; check out my work, and post a quick comment or rate it? It would mean a lot to an aspiring writer! :)
  • As I write, there are occasional (sometimes more than occasional...) cuss words that pop up, and so the work will be marked mature. It will most definitely be PG, and if it isn't there will be a warning up in the author guidance. So, don't fret about any work of mine marked mature!
  • My blog is where all of my stuff is posted; my art, fiction, fanfiction, drabbles, freeverse (poetry, lyricals), whatnots from my life, etc. Many of the Mini Saga Challenge prompts are posted here; expanded and better written since I can go over the original word limit. So check it out! :)

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