a 24-year-old cat from Cairns, Queensland., Australia

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"''Hope for the best, prepare for the worst'' A quote I made up and stick by in life."

Basically, I started writing when I was thirteen years old. I remember when it all started, I was listening to Vicarious by Tool and whilst listening to it; I imagined a story of a young girl witnesses her older brother brutally slaughter her mother and father. She swore to avenge their death. So, I hit up word pad on my laptop and started writing that exact story. Although I never finished that story, it certainly sparked the writer within. As I continued to write, I gained a few fans and then started writing all different kinds of stories. As soon as I knew it, I was writing four different stories and then decided to start uploading them to an art website called deviantART. From there, my popularity grew slightly. 

Soon, writing replaced studying because I had finally had my talent. After graduating high school, I decided it was time to try publishing. I had no idea how to even start that journey but I knew it's definitely the only positive step forward. Luckily for me though, a lady on deviantART kindly offered to edit on of my stories ''A Nobody's Heart''. This is when I formed a business/friend like bond with my [now] editor, Lee-Ann. After months of backwards and forwards contact...we formed A Nobody's Heart into what we believed was publishable material. So, I spread the word about it and tried the traditional path. No big house publisher was interested so I had to do it the tough way...self-publishing.

At last, I had published my first book. A Nobody's Heart was finally in book format. But, like every beginning author, I expected instant success. It was a little bit of a bummer when it only sold about 10 copies. Not to mention, six months after the book was published, I found out some rather distressing news about the publishing company I was with. After hearing that the company was quite possibly the biggest publishing scam/trap around. I decided to seize all future publishing with them. Now my book ''A Nobody's Heart'' can be found on Amazon as a e-book for only $1. 

My mind is constantly blooming with ideas however lately I have been struggling to actually get the writing process started. But, with some small encouragement and a bit of self discipline. I have commenced the writing process of my next book. And although it's still in the very early stages, I know that it'll be a real hit! 

Thank you for reading.
Stay tuned for updates.

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