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"~ You can't be good at what you do, til you do what your good at. ~"

I'm a young Writer, I get my inspiration from my imagination, once I begin writing it just flows out. that why I am only writing one story..Thin Red Lines..I've always wanted to write this book and never had the time..just so happens I do now..Tell me what you think about it please it is my focus and i want to make it perfect!  I think my dark view on everything is what allows me to write like I do, I dont imagine death or despair but I can look at a situation and see all of the possible outcomes be it death or victory that is why I like writing about war, its so unpredictable! i can write 3 sentences and kill off a character or bring in a total new problem! its so flexable and so much is happening at one time that's why I love writing about it!

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