a 25-year-old dudette from the United States

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"Tell me, Lucifer Morningstar, what power would hell have if those imprisoned here were unable to dream of heaven?" -Dream, to Lucifer, in Preludes and Nocturnes

Please critique my works or nitpick all you like! I eat it up like delicioius turkish delights or a good piece of cake. Regardless, I like critiquing!

I am still around, in case anyone noticed my disappearance. Since I started school I have not been able to write for fun as much. And what I have to write for school is frustrating and boring to say the least. I'm going to make more of an effort to get on here more. I improved leaps and bounds after I found this site and hope to improve even more. 

A FEATURE?! Thank you so much! This was totally unexpected. Best early birthday present ever.

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