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"Until you stalk and over-run, you can't devour anyone," -Hobbes (the tiger) "I know more about Hiroshimo than your history teacher!" -name protected (because I'm so nice)

If you have written anything (anything) please don't hesitate to let me know! I absolutely love (need) to read. ~Thanks

   I'll be honest. I'm not much of a writer. However, I love grammar, and am going to be an editor some day. Woot! It'll be great; I'll eat muffins, drink tea, wear my short blonde hair up in a clip, and push a fake set of thin, black, square frames up the bridge of my nose with my fore-finger while chewing pink bubblegum.

   I like drawing, because nothing else satisfies me more than being looked at as though I've just escaped from the mental ward, still wearing my bright orange T-shirt. It bugs me that so few people understand me though. Drawing lets me vent out stress, and I'm really good at at it when there's more to vent about. Dissapointedly, my artwork is only good when I'm deppressed, and it seems to me that I'm annoyingly optamistic lately. So, I figure that it's time for me to explore any talents in literacy that I probably do not have. It could be fun.  =3

-profile pic will be added soon. Ish.

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