a 28-year-old gentleman from the United Kingdom

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// welcome to my world ;

I'm an erratic writer; when I manage to get stuff written it's often a tiny part of a bigger expanse in my mind. I've got two expansive worlds in my mind -- a near-future cyberpunk view of London called 'Slick Thames', and a post-industrial science-fantasy world called 'Imminent Futures' -- my writing tends to full under one of those categories, although the worlds are also designed for role-playing possibility. My story, "Muccl", is a Lovecraftian horror that taps into modern academia: with the fantasy world in that, I'm not sure if it comes from my subconscious or the Pit itself.

When I'm not writing, I'm more regularly reading minds; often over the internet. If you want to experience this for yourself, get in touch.

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