a 21-year-old gentleman

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"Though I may walk alone, I shall walk alone with a purpose." Tyler Jones

I joined this site so I can express my views on life, death, hope and fear. To let the one's who feel so alone, know that I feel their pain. I never had an easy life, I won't be the first to admit it. and I surely hope I am not the last. You are not alone, there are several people in this world that feel abandoned. And if for some reason you think that you are unloved, hated, rejected, neglected, or anything else. Even though you may live far away, or even next door. If no one else will listen, I will.

I guess I can share some things about myself. Well, for starters My name is Tyler J. Jones, I live in a small town. There is not much here to do. So I write and sing to pass the time. I go on long walks at night to clear my head. I read and write poetry, for it makes some hardships better. I LOVE photography and I hope to one day make a living out of it.

Things that I look for in others would include, Kindness, compassion for others, trust, loyalty, sense of humanity. Things like that.

I normally keep to myself, but every now and then, someone proves that there is still kindness in this world and that it is not lost.

If there is anything else that any of you would like to know, just ask. I won't bite..much ;3

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