a 23-year-old female from Canada

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"If everything was perfect - could it ever be considered perfection anymore? Maybe life's perfect with mistakes to learn from. I believe that life is what you live through and that happiness is the only treasure in life - it's always the thing we go after." - Moi. :)

Hey guys.

I guess you all should know a little about me. So, here's my "bio". Hehe

Name: (Confidential. You can ask through e-mail! :D)

Age: Turning 16 soon.

Birthday: September 29th :)

Hobbies: Writing, Computer, Facebooking (Haha), much more...

Favorite Movies: Twilight (Saga), I have many to list, but I'm a sucker for Romance and Comedy. Others are great as well. :) [But I'm a scaredy-cat, so no horror. lol]

Favorite Music: I don't have favorites but if I like something, it stays with me for a long time until I get sick of it. Haha. So basically all types of music?

Favorite Books: I love to write but hardly read books, which is extremely weird. I'm reading tons now lol. Some of them which I've read and liked include the Twilight Saga, No one must know, Truth and Lies, Fishbowl (currently reading).

This is the basic stuff, I guess. If you're my friend or even if not and we get talking; I'm sure you'll know way more about me. I'm here to write about Twilight, I love it to bits. I wish Edward Cullen were real and I'm sure there is one like him, really, maybe just not as another species and he's human. Hehe

Anyways, I'll stop boring you guys now, lol. Please do read my stories and I really hope you like them. Review, Rate, Comment, Talk with me. Ideas on anything are always welcome. I'm only 16 so please bare with me here, my grammar isn't that good. Still, I do hope you like my stories. :)

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