a 22-year-old dudette from the United States

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Twilight-Wolf, fantisydragon, Fantasydragon15,  Mpanda26 and TONS of other names!

Favorite Books:



Percy and the Olimpions series

The Host

Candle in the darkness & sequils


(add new books daily)

Well *sigh* I better tell you some stuff about me... i guess...:

I am currently going into the 9th grade. I currently... well im not sure, im trying to figure myself out right now!

Favorite bands:

3 doors down

three days grace

Breaking Benjarmin

Green Day

& others.

I <3 video games, though i usually don't play very violent games. I do play Halo from time to time, with my cusion and stuff. I mostly play stuff like mario or yoshi island. i just currently finished playing THE LEGEND OF STARFY. I would not recomend that game, pretty stupid...

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