a shorty from The Black Parade, United Kingdom

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Hello there young muggle!

My name is Echo-Song, but my real name if you must know is Chyna! I like writing for a hobby... Which is pretty easy to tell. I am addicted to the Harry Potter books, and when I find my acceptance letter... My Mother has LOTS of explaining to do! When I go to Hogwarts I would quite like to be in Slytherin, as Malfoy has a lot of hair product... I need my hair product... I try to write as much as possible, but I just don't have the attention span to do so most of the time... Yeah. I play a RIDICULOUS amount of video games... There have to be Pokemon somewhere, right! If I could have a pet Pokemon I would have a Gengar, A Gengar is only an overweight Poltergeist! Yes I said it! I also draw, but once again. Attention sp- OH MY GOD THERE IS A NEW GREEN DAY ALBUM COMING OUT! Point proven... Having a conversation with me is quite difficult, as most of the time I talk about music *Cough Black Veil Brides cough cough* and books, I tend to use a lot of music references in most of my conversations. It tends to confuse people but never mind (heehee) I really like Nirvana, but as a 12 year old girl it is considered odd not to dress like a bag of skittles and kiss anything with a heart beat. YES I AM TALKING TO YOU MOLLY AND HEATHER... They are going to freakin' kill me. Peaskies!

The stories I have written/writing are:

  • The Moon Calls
  • Eden
  • The Closed Door
  • Random words (Exercise)
  • Holmes

Stories I have forgotten about or planning:

  • Care free blossom (Short story)
  • Seasons
  • Missing
  • Seven Devils
  • An idiot's guide to the unknown fantasies
  • An idiot's guide to the known realities

No matter how quiet a sound is, an echo will always remain.

I'm not delusional, I just have an invisible pet unicorn.

I havent killed anyone......  Quit lookin' at me, I didn't do nothing! Really I havent killed anyone!


I am currently revising and extending 'The Moon Calls' It may be gone for some time I might to the same to 'The Closed Door' As well. Sorry!


 I also have writers block, if you have any suggestions...



I really like Rock, Metal and Alternative music. My favourite bands are:

  1. Alesana
  2. All Time Low
  3. Amy Can Flyy
  4. Asking Alexandria
  5. Avenged Sevenfold
  6. Black Veil Brides
  7. Blood On The Dance floor
  8. Breaking Benjamin
  9. Bring Me The Horizon
  10. Don Broco
  11. Drowning Pool
  12. Escape The Fate
  13. Evanesence
  14. Fall Out Boy
  15. Falling In Reverse
  16. Fit For Rival
  17. Foo Fighters
  18. Get Scared
  19. Green Day
  20. Hatsune Miku
  21. The Hives
  22. Len Kagamin
  23. Rin Kagamin
  24. Linkin Park
  25. Lostprophets
  26. Marilyn Manson
  27. Motionless In White
  28. Muse
  29. My Chemical Romance
  30. The Nearly Deads
  31. Never Shout Never
  32. Nirvana
  33. Of Mice And Men
  34. Otep
  35. Panic! At The Disco
  36. Paramore
  37. Pierce The Veil
  38. The Pretty Reckless
  39. Skillet
  40. Sleeping With Sirens
  41. Slipknot
  42. System Of A Down
  43. The Word Alive
  44. Yashin
  45. You Me At Six

This list is in no paticular order... But I truly ADORE Black Veil Brides...


Is it bad that I am still confuzzled by the new layout?




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