a 26-year-old male from Flagstaff AZ, United States

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"Acta non Verba"

New at writing. Had and idea for a story so decided to try and put it on paper, or well pixels. 

My favorite authors are:

Brent Weeks (Night angle trilogy is serriously of the best of all time)

Glen Cook

RA Salavatore 

Harry Turtledove

Jack Campbell

JRR Tolkien 


Check out my solo story Deceiver if ya like fantasy.


Or the collaborative work Runners if ya enjoy a little Sci Fi



Hit me up if you want me to read a story of yours if ya think Ill like it! (I can try a critique but not great at them)


Misc. Info 

I started college as a computer science major but switched to business because it turns out coding isn't my thing. I have never taken a creative writing course but I am going to try to in the next few years. 

My dream is to own my own video game developing studio at some point. I love video games. Almost every genre but my favorite are RPG's (Especially by Bioware).

My favorite and most recommended authors on this site are, Dyerz and Anna_Devlin! Check um out, its worth it!  

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