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"Dreams are all a person has, you take away their dreams, you take away their soul, their spirit, their life."

I'm not much of a good writer, but i have always loved writing stories especially with my freinds.

I have been on this site for nearly two years and after reading some of my last pieces of work i have realised why no one reads them, i hope that over these two years, my writing has improved, and i hope you will enjoy the stories i will start writing and the old ones  i will be adding to, they may not be very good especially compared to the amazing writers i have seen write on here, but i hope you can see the passion in my writing.

 i get all ideas from my dreams...most of them are strange, but they are good fun to write about. 

My favourite books are:

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn by S.Meyer,

Tersias by G.P Taylor,

 City of Bones, Ashes and Glass, by Cassandra Clare, and

The Morganville Vampire saga by Rachel Caine.

These are my fave songs which i listen to when i write:

Tokio Hotel: Monsoon, dont jump, Unendlichkeit, Wenn nichts mehr geht, schrei, 1000 meere and rette mich

Paramore: Decode

Black Ghost: Full moon

Kanon Wakeshima: Suno No Oshiro

Yui: Rolling Stars

Scandal: Shoujo S and

Stereopony: Hitohira no hanobira

I hope you enjoy the things i write, and if not, then please leave advice for me to improve on anything.

Thanks for stopping on my profile XD


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