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"Bathe In the Moon Light." -Michael Jackson I first heard Michael Jackson say this when i went to the movies and saw his new movie This Is It. Hearing him say this i was caught up in the moment and immediately texted it on my cell phone so that i didnt forget it because so much was going on at the time. It took for Michael Jackson to die for me truly grasp and realize how much he meant to many people. No one can ever replace the magic he put out when on stage. R.i.p Mj

Hi! I am a 17 year old writer and i love to do it. I always knew that i would write about my life someday but never fully pursued it until now my Senior year in high school. I am determined to become a writer to reach young ladies and some even young men who need guidance or just someone to share their experiences throughout life so that they can open their eyes to the many things in this life that can knock us young people down. Mostly God inspired me to become a writer because he's the one who orchestrated all of the things in my life to happen the way it happened and the very current things that are happening today. The credit is not mine, i am just a young girl with an old soul that needs to be heard. Please dont hesitate to comment and express your thoughts on my work. I handle criticism well and will not take to heart something that many of you may not like, but i will take head to everything you all have to say so i can always update myself into becoming and even better writer.

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