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"Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion. ~ Brennan Manning"

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I woke up this morning to the feeling of something yanking on my tail. Then I remembered, I don't have a tailWhat is this invisible force? This force that continues to push and pull, tickle and tease? A force that both commands, yet gently persuades me to grow brighter, stronger. Until there was nothing more for the universe to see of me but a soul-illuminating starlight radiating from my core. This invisible force - I finally recognized what it was begging me to do: live.

Oh-, the alarm went off.

Hello, beautiful one.

I'm going to spare you the awe-inspiring albeit slightly exaggerated details of who I am and what I do. Rather, I invite you to join me for a cup of soul-nourishing tea while we plonk down on our invisible seats and have a little chat.

As you may have guessed, I am a writer living here amongst the talented population of the planet Protagonize, and I have several stories to tell. Some remain unfinished, with the characters on eternal pause until I decide to return to their worlds (if I ever do). Others have been completed and are waiting to be read so you may embark upon the journey they have to offer you.

One of these stories has settled permanently in a sister-planet titled 'The Pub Leashed Ones'. I like to call it 'my first baby' when I'm alone and no one thinks I'm being creepy. The Sparkle Toofus is a spin-off of my pub-leashed novel and one that stars a rather cocky Caucasian male whose sole purpose in life is to annoy the living hell out of others. Oh, and of course, pursue the affections of fiery Makayla Summers while he's at it. You may also take a gander at the prequel of my first my pre-babe? (Warning: You have officially entered a weird place.) Oh and note: You don't need to have read A Midnight Reverie to read The Sparkle Toofus or Her Eternal Summer. 

On the 16th of March, 2015, I uploaded the last part of a story I am personally quite fond of, marking it as complete. This means, I have to offer you a whole and complete novel to read. All you have to do is click here. Note that it is just the first draft, and I am doing a major revamp offline. I would be grateful to those of you who can read it and offer me constructive feedback. If you're just looking to have a fun, comedic read, I would still recommend it to you...*nudge nudge*. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's my most popular story on Protagonize yet. 

If you like yourself some young adult love-love with spicy drama that has your heart pounding in spazz-attack mode, click on any one of these doors that will transport you to a favorite story (both solos, and partner-projects included): |A| |B| |C|

There's a smattering of fantasy and science fiction stories I have dabbled in, plus several other collaborations and solos of mine you can read. Feel free to dig through my treasure chest and find one more up to your liking. But here are two of my absolute favorites. Instead of regular doors now, you get to walk through a magical portal (I even tried to make them look more visually appealing for you): [|E|] [|F|]

I also dabble in what we, Protagonizers, call 'lyrics' and 'poetry'. These hit a lot closer to home than my stories. If you're looking for raw emotion, explore this collection of my personal best as well as most popular lyrics and poems: |L1| |L2| |P1| |P2| |P3| |P4| |P5| |P6| |P7|

For anyone that wants to get to know me, behind the illusions that I cast, behind the mask, I would normally just tell the person to read my work. I cast a bit of my soul into each and every story and character I have the privilege of writing out. But you have a shortcut to the works where I directly reveal parts of who I am. Protagonize contains my spiritual testimony, my identity struggles, my family troubles (we all have them), and my message to the beyond.

I've heard from fellow Protagonize-peeps that they found me a little 'intimidating' when they first started talking to me, which sent shockwaves to my heart (I was only slightly surprised but as you can probably tell, I add a bit of dramatic flair to everything). Truly, I don't bite, and I love to meet and chat with people. If you want to drop a comment below on my profile, please do. Some of the best friendships in my life have started by the word 'hello' posted on my profile-wall from a random writer (and this time, I am not exaggerating). 

Where you can find me on the giant web that is the Internet:

Now excuse me for I have some ideas swirling in my head that are waiting to be jotted down, characters awaiting their death sentence and of course, a cookie hidden somewhere in the kitchen.

Mahalo and sayonara!

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