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Who help runs this account and little bit about them.

Elodia (ChupacabraQueen)

  • The artist for all of the things related to this account.  She works on all of the chapter art and character art. (She also does all the photography: She took the photos for the covers)
  • She's does all of the videos and speaking stuff because the others are just too shy, or just want to be a background help.
  • She loves sweets, games, horror, anime, and artsy stuff.
  • You will find her on Youtube (ChupacarbaQueen), twitter (@TroubledMexican), and Tumblr (chupacabraqueen)

 Zane (We just call him Manager as a nickname)

  • He mainly runs the social accounts and updates.
  • He tells the others what they need to do because they forget alot. (And it annoys him.)
  • He has no social accounts of his own.
  • Loves owls, has a pet tarantula named Bean (His little sister named it), and mystery.

Aleta and Alazane (EfficaciousTwins)

  • Twins
  • Do all the writing on the story.
  • Sucks at a game called, "Portal". (HOW DO WE JUMP!?! NO! THE CUBE GOES HERE! *dies somehow*)
  • Has a wattpad account with some of the stories here, on it. (EfficacuiousTwins) and a twitter (EfficaciousTwin)
  • Fan of many fandoms (Name one and they might say yes)

Pilly and Menna

  • Twins as well. (WHY DO WE HAVE TWO PAIRS OF TWINS!?!?!)
  • Actual names: Milly and Jenna
  • Does the character design (Aka: Helps plan out the characters and how they interact with eachother)
  • Also a fan of many.
  • Has two pet rabbits named Pumpkin and Pie, but apparently they hate each other.
  • Do not want to name their social.

And that was just a little bit about us, feel free to ask us any questions if you want to know more.


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