a 21-year-old ragamuffin from Inside a pageturner

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"Some people are a lot like slinkies; pointless but they bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs"

Hello there everyone, I'm Treeternal but you can call me Mr Tree if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it.

The tree you see on my profile pic, is Treeternal. I made him on paint, on my computer. He is not stolen or copyrighted, he is mine. He makes any tree he touches Evergreen, hence the name Treeternal. The trees are green for a Treeternity

I aspire to be a published writer when in the future, preferebly sometime soon, so I have enough money to never bat an eyelid at student debts.

I much prefer writing collaboratively to writing solo and I will make a note if the solo work I am doing is one of my aspiring published works.

Any collab in need and I will be there to help. I'm more a helper than an inventor, so do not expect very many of my own collabs.


Uber mich means about me. I know that because I can sort of speek German

I have a burning desire to clap during the FRIENDS intro

My sexuality changes on a daily basis

I love the colour Orange but I don't own anything Orange (except for Oranges)

I am at the top of the scale of eurovision fans

I love Horrible Histories and I wish I knew all their songs

Most of my stories revolve around pokemon because I love it, but I don't own any pokemon games

I am slowly developing internet addiction

I always want to write, but when I get to pen and paper my flair fizzes out.


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