just a person from inside my own head

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Gender? That's irrelevant. It's only society's way of separating humans into how they will be treated socially or politically, what they will receive in careers or activities such as benefits, how they should be expected in their roles, etc, etc, etc. They distinguish this from who pops out another human and who starts the whole process of creating one.

Where I am? Especially irrelevant. Since you are the internet, or what basically constructs the internet and keeps it running. The only one who shall know is the United States census. Yes, U.S. if you haven't noticed.

What I am? All together, who honestly cares? Don't give me your labels of girly-girl, tom-boy, prep, freak, boyish, jock, emo, gothic, weird, smart... No. My label is only my name, since you can find it on my profile, it's Katrina. I prefer Tree or Kat. But I guess you figured out I am female. I could be a trans, how could you possible figure that? As I said, who cares?

Who cares who or what I am? For all you know, I could be a figment of your imagination and you could wake up and believe it's a dream. What if this is all a dream? Sounds pretty ridiculous, isn't it? 

How would you know?

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