a 21-year-old chiquita from BC ♥, Canada

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"Room for the guilt to be liquid, to fill and spill over and under my thoughts. My sad sorry cry out to the is unlike anything, especially a ^!@@ing knife!"

Hello all!

My name is Koa, I am 13, and I am from Canada. I know I might sound like just an annoying young teenage girl, and in some ways I am for sure, but honestly I just love to write. I am guessing the girl thing you noticed about my profile was the fact I am 13. Age doesn't matter, it is the love of writing we are here for right?


So I am in grade 8, I have a very odd group of friends that I like to write about, and a 1 year-old cat. I don't have the best grammer (but I don't speak in chat text!) mostly becuase I am in Late French, so in grade 6 and 7 we did almost no grammer work. I don't normaly write very long stories, not much more then 1000 words for the most part, because I love quick pase things.


A bit about me...I love alt., rock, punk, emo, and screamo music. Bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Tokio Hotel, etc. I love to read, write, draw, and I am very passionate about Photography. I want to be a photopher one day. I stand up for animal rights, and have been called a hippy way too many times. I am a kind of dark person. I often wonder what out is out there...if life is as real as everyone makes it sound. I am Atheist so i don't believe in a creator, but I do wish I knew how everything came into being. I understand the whole evolution thing, but where did Earth come from?


Anyways I will shut up for a while...CHEERS.

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