a 23-year-old girl from the United Kingdom

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"I need to stop procrastinating... tomorrow."

Hi. My name's Melody, a fresh addition to the Protagonize community.

*I've always liked writing. I've gone on and off it a lot , but it's always something I go back to with a smile on. It's right up there with drawing, reading and Secret Garden. <3

*I'm a blend of many likes and not-so-likes, a fruitcake of secret wishes. I'm more of an introvert than anything, really, and I'm always looking for answers to things I can't ask yet.  There're a few things I can say for sure about myself, though, for the most part I'm a work in progress.

*I love Humor, Fantasy and Adventure and I hope to someday be able to create my own blend. I switch between genres a lot, though. I guess I don't really stay for long in one place? Although I love writing as much as I do, I find it difficult to keep ideas going, I deviate off course or procrastinate so it's rare I reach any resolution. I think more than I speak, so when I write, I kind of lose track of how much I say. Now, I'm pretty sure that doesn't help.

* I believe in constructive criticism. I think that If you can't take criticism well, it's very difficult to evolve as a writer. And, yes, that is an invitation to take my works apart and shred it to tiny pieces if you want. So long as it's constructive.:)

* I'm not very good with self descriptions, but, if you think I'm interesting and would like to be friends or exchange reviews, just let me know.:)

See you soon.


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