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"“As a matter of fact, I’m the only dumb one in the family”-- Holden Caulfield"

I am not writing by nature- just by circumstance. Well I am a thinker. I think way too much, although, my thoughts have been proven to be very valuable. So, maybe if I actually write the things that go through my mind on a daily basis, they will bring me one step closer to becoming the TOP CEO.
[I know I know, what is this person doing? “TOP CEO” did not properly phrase any of the sentences above correctly.]
 I have many talents, being creative isn't necessarily one of them, unless you count having the ability to attract people, to generate a buzz, create trends, recruit "haters." Look I don't know. Or maybe I do and I'm afraid to face the truth. See I used to be afraid of success. Wow! I actually said it in the past tense. Well that's the first step right? Anyways, I used to be afraid of success and I ran from every opportunity that presented to me. I mean EVERY opportunity. I got the offered the opportunity to go to some of the top schools way before High School. Did I go? No. Got invited to attend some of the most prestigious Universities, SO WHAT. Come to find out there is this thing psychologist refer to as multipotentiality. Yeah, that’s me. I had very little to no support. Comes to find out that's why I had such a hard time developing and expanding as a kid/teen. Imagine learning that crap when you are almost thirty. The way I look at it I could have already been running one of the top American Corporations. Hey? I am patriotic after all, considering that I was thinking about getting a nice hairpiece and moving to India.
Did I forget to mention, I'm a techie. Yeah I love gadgets and that's kinda how I found this website. Seems like I can not do anything offline. I am one of those people who lives on the XDA sites, changing ROMs and praying for the latest handset to be imported only to pay $1200 or more for it.
Why am I on a writing site? Well, I need a place to write my crap and not be criticized. I'm sure there are more weirdoes’ on here. No, but seriously, about five years ago, I decided to write book-were sided tracked. Things happened. Yiddy Yah, whatever. For the past year, I entertained the idea of doing another book. I tweet my heart out to over 10,000 followers every day. I share my enjoy (probably about 5%  ha) , pain ( I get bad cramps), and frustration (of  DUMB PEOPLE.) Let me touch on that. Yeah, I learned about four weeks ago, that those "dumb people" aren't necessarily dumb. I'm the one with the problem. HOLD ON NOW. No, I'm not the dummy but according to studies, my personality type makes up only 2% of the population. Considering that I don't really have a "personality" I would say that they are really talking about that thing I mentioned earlier. Multipotentiality or some crap. I knew I didn't have ADD or ADHD. It was evident that the people who did not understand my MANY abilities just were- dumb, Seriously, where was I? Yeah so, they say I make up 2% of the population. Maybe that's why when I registered for E-harmony back in like 2001 or something like that, I had no matches. Talking about a low blow- ooooow. The fact that I'm an ENTJ doesn't really help either. Did I mention, I don't believe most of the psychological theories. Well, almost any theory. Yeah I often challenge crap.  Gives me a raise (if I could have one- it’s not possible though. Just love the raise...remember on Jay-Z's album? "What are you trying to get a raise out of me?" Maybe.)

Well, I'm going to stop there. And to think, I was afraid I was going to have much to say.

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