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"I must repeat, therefore, that we are forever sundered, and yet while I breathe and think, I must love him - Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte"

Hey hey! New and improved profile=)

I'm Hannah, I'm from Essex in England, and I hate it there! (most of the time).

I love - Horses, Writing, Reading, and going for long walks in the dark.

I hate - Hip hop, spiders (large ones), and people who don't understand what I'm talking about.

Music - If I like it I'll listen to it, but my favourites are Elliot Minor (if you know them, brilliant because I have a hard time finding people who have, specially where I'm from), Muse, Jack's Mannequin and Avril Lavigne.

Books - Too many to list. My current favourites are The Mortal Instuments series by Cassandra Clare. I also like the Twilight series and the Wicca series (the one about Morgan Rowlands ect)

And...yeah, I think that's about it. The story I have up right now is one i wrote a while back, so feel free to read and comment=)

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