a 31-year-old bloke from Warwick, United Kingdom

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"When you are afraid of tables like me, you dont like to go to horror films. Luckily i dont have to anymore. My shoes are all polished and everything." - IcanwritesstorysLOL

Hi, I'm Tom. Half Spanish. Half English.

Things I Love:

  • Fiction - I love taking an image in my head, and trying to describe it. I tend to prefer writing short, descriptive pieces. I tend to have trouble keeping pace with extended writing. I hope to work on this.
  • Poetry - I really enjoy reading poetry written by others, but rarely delve into it myself. As I don't know the rules and etiquette behind poetry, I tend to watch from the sidelines, and add my formulaic poems when I can.
  • Music - I love practically all music. I play acoustic guitar (badly) and sometimes dabble in mediocre song writing.
  • Animations - I enjoy making stop motion animations with things like blu-tack and other objects. They tend to be rather bizarre and rarely make sense!
  • Games - As a games programmer by trade, I love designing, making and playing computer games.
  • Creativity - Any way of making something that brings joy or intrigue to another.
  • Languages - I speak fluent Spanish and fluent English and love to listen to and learn about language.
  • Imagery - I feel vivid imagery is the most important part of language. I love trying to fit personification and metaphors into my writing to craft an image in the mind of the reader.

Favourite Book:

  • Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy: Trilogy in Five Parts - Douglas Adams

Favourite Movie:

  • Memento

Education and Work:

  • I graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2008 with a 2:1 in Computer Games Programming.
  • I now work as a Game Developer in Leamington Spa.


I hope you enjoy reading what I have to give. Gimme a shout if you wanna ask anything.



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