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Love writing Poems (eViL PoEmS)

First off i love to write about evil things and morbid stuff, and i know what your thinking *she must be crazy* No i am not crazy in a psychotic way just like writing that genre of poems, also i get my inspiration from dark instrumental music in which i listen to when i am creating the poems i just recently started writing a few dark and evil poems so now i know where my creativity lies. Again i have tried to write stories but i just cant ever stick with i am just going to be writing poems.

One last thing i do tend to write in a morbid way so i might write more bloody poems and just for those of you who cant take morbid or gorie things then dont read my poems..because i just started with this style of poem writing and they soon will be more intense probably...ALSO what i write is not meant to be taken seriously im just wrtiting peoms..and dont judge me because of the genre i write about its just where my talent lyes right if you do like my poems the please leave me comments or messages.. i would really appreciate it...^^

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