from Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" - Alan Tudyk

Hi, I'm Timmy Harlequin.

I'm Irish and studying at the University of Portsmouth.

I hope to work in the Television industry, possibly as a writer, I'm not entirely sure yet, making it up as I go along really.

Script writing is my thing at the moment. I mostly write drama-comedy work. Think of Moffat's 'Sherlock' on BBC. It's a drama but with comedy slapped about the place every now and then; that's me.

I don't mean to sound big-headed or arrogant, but I know my abilities and I'm very aware that I am funny. I am hilarious in terms of writing. Not all my scriptwork will show that of course, it'll depend what I'm writing, what for etc... But yeah, I'm kind of good at comedy.

I'd love to know what you think of my stuff and also what you're writing, nothing is better than writing; Fact. And you're probably better at writing certain things than I am. Dialogue isn't my strong suit.

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