just a girl from a parallel universe

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"There's a million things in this world I can't do. But if you want me to take you away, to scare you or involve you or make you cry or grin, yeah. I can. I can bring it to you and keep bringing it to you until you holler uncle. I am able. I CAN." -Stephen King"

Hey, I'm Hannah, and right now I would kill to be writing some good fiction. It's been too long.


  • I write. Duh. Action, adventure, whatever. Anything as long as it's not boring. If it'll keep my interest, I'll write it.
  • I've written mystery, crime, sci fi, even tried romance (that didn't work out). As long as I'm writing a well-developed character who I can relate to, I'll throw them in any genre and see what happens.
  • I wrote a novel (yay!). NaNoWriMo. 50,514 words in 30 days. Can't wait til November 2011.

When I'm not writing:

  • I read! Also anything. Whatever I can get my hands on and doesn't suck.
  • I draw.
  • I paint.
  • I play lacrosse.
  • I procrastinate and don't do my chemistry homework.

Leave me a comment if you wanna chat or write! I'll read stuff and rate, if you want me too, as well.




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