a 24-year-old girl from the middle of nowhere, United States

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"I think once you speak the truth-and you know it's your truth-then you don't really care how people respond." -Maria Shriver

I'm me, an original.  I don't know any other way to explain it than that because I'm still trying to figure myself out.  But I do know this: I'm too stubborn to let what anyone else says influence the person I am.  My motto-"Be your own kind of beautiful."  

I also hate petty drama that people create just to entertain themselves because they're bored with their own lives. People like that annoy me.

I love music...almost every type..I play the piano and I sing. 

I practically devour books, and as of now, my shelf space is limited because I have so many. But I can't get rid of them. 

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