a 22-year-old lady from the United States

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Hey all, my name's is Tierra! I'm 16 years old and live in the United States. 

Sometimes I stop and ask myself "why do I write?" To escape? People tell me that I have an interesting life, but to me it's about as interesting as moldy bread. So I write to create a fantastic world of my own!

Please check out my stories! 

Child-Like Fear: A memoir about my experiences of 9/11. 

Silence: A no-dialogue story about forbidden love in a racist community. 

Ghosts of the Past: A thrilling romance about girl confronts the ghost of her dead almost-lover and embarks on a daring journey through time to save him from death. 

Please read! I love feedback and, more importantly, ratings! If you could rate my stories, it would be much appreciated. 

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